The First Drop Story

“Where two decades of winemaking passion and creativity come to life.” 

Born in 2004 with a thirst for creating wines meant to be enjoyed, not just admired.  First Drop Wines is known for crafting deliciously exciting wines that not only stand the test of time but continue to push the boundaries of innovation. 

The First Drop heritage traces back through generations of agriculturalists, winemakers and wine lovers. With a strong connection to land and a dedication to hard work, John Retsas and the First Drop family lead with quality, sustainability and purity at the forefront. We source only the finest fruit from the Adelaide Hills, McLaren Vale, Eden Valley and the Barossa Valley to achieve diversity, complexity and flavour.  

Our ‘Home of the Brave’ Winery is nestled in the heart of the Barossa Valley. Here, at the hands of our artisan winemakers, we remain dedicated to producing wines that are vibrant, modern expressions of their varieties, their sites and the season. 

Join us in raising a glass to 20 years of blending tradition with a splash of the unconventional. 

Our Wine

“A sensibility for tradition with a passion for innovation.” 

 Under our minimal intervention winemaking philosophy, we ensure that each drop is relevant, incredibly drinkable and most importantly – the best expression of the varietal and regional character. To achieve this, we work with a network of growers all year round to ensure the appropriate care and consideration has gone into vineyard management. The distinguished regions we source from combine rich soils, ranging altitudes and ample sunlight to produce fruits with great depth and intense flavour. Through our sustainable and purposeful blending, the quality of the fruit is then translated into your glass. 


From the vineyard to the bottle, First Drop Wines has been awarded locally and internationally for innovative winemaking and boundary-pushing promotion. Renowned for the iconic ‘Mother’s Milk’ Barossa Shiraz that brought personality and humour to the Australian industry, a crowd-pleasing repertoire of pinnacle blends have followed suit including the ‘Fat of the Land’ series, ‘The Cream’ and ‘Cold Sweat’’

Our team

They’re awesome – the makers of our wine and your experiences.

They will welcome you and make you feel at home in our ‘Home of The Brave’.

 It just doesn’t happen without them!